One Minute Worth


I charge $ 1000 per hour – the quote said by Harvey Spector from Suits. He is an ideal person to me and his professionalism blows my mind every time. However, the quote what he said is ideal too, for a middle class person whose earning is like 2000 to 5000 per month.

Is it an ideal quote? I don’t think so; I think every minute has a value of more than thousands of dollars.

You must be thinking that is this person crazy? Hamm no, I can prove you that.

Let say the minute you just spent now, is it possible for you to bring it back? If you are a billionaire, you can buy everything in this world, but you cannot buy a single minute. This is a worth of single minute, even billionaire can’t afford it.

Each minute counts that’s why it is necessary to spend your single minute in a meaningful manner, instead of wasting it on useless stuff.

It is important to have fun in life but when you out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time working hard, someone getting smarter and someone is winning. —Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation – 6 rules of success speech

Here are the small tips which will help you to manage time.

• One of the most important feature we use in Outlook is to send meeting request. We often use this feature to meet our clients, colleagues, supervisor and director. Send meeting request to yourself so it will let you know the task you should be doing.

• Give deadlines to yourself on each and every task you doing.

• List down all the tasks you have to do before starting your day. I use “Task” in Ms Outlook.

• Plan your week and month. Set your milestone in every month.



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