Find some great E-learning courses listed below by using Articulate Storyline.

FAQs in Zombie Style

Recently, we have implemented e-textbooks from Cambridge in Foundations program which help students to read and do practice. Over all, it is a great experience to work with the etextbook but somehow students are facing lots of issues. As a matter of fact it reached on that level where teachers of that program don’t want to see etextbook attached in their courses. However, I come up with an idea to create FAQs in a way which gives smiles on their faces and utilized this in case of emergency.

In this training material I have taken a picture of teachers hiding in their workstation showing no interest of having etextbook, by using 3D effects. Have a look.

Cambridge Bookshelf FAQ

(Click here to see the course)


Effective Planning

This course focuses on Planning where you will learn the importance of planning and how you can plan your day, week and month.


(Click here to see the course)

Time Management Tips

In this course, you will learn that how Time Management tips can bring success in your life.


(Click here to see the course)

Communication Skills

Communication always plays a vital role in our life, but most of the time it becomes hard to communicate with people having higher positions than us in professional and personal life. This course will help how you can turn a bad situation into a good situation while doing conversation

Communication Skill

(Click here to see the course)



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