CLICK – A game created in Storyline

The other day I was going through an educational app “Lumosity”. One of the most Leading online brain training programs that challenges core cognitive abilities.


Lumosity exposes your brain to gradually increasing levels of challenges, adapting game difficulty to your individual ability level. Games are based on a combination of common neuropsychological and cognitive tasks — many of which have been used in research for decades — and new tasks designed by an in-house science team.

In lumosity, there are different types of games  which will help you to increase your memory. I was playing one of them and all the sudden I come up with an idea to design one by using Articulate Storyline, as it seems like that it covers all the aspects and features in storyline.

About the Game


The name of the game is “Click”. It has three different modes “Easy, Medium and Hard” and every mode has five different levels. Currently, the “Easy” mode has been designed, the other are coming soon. It can be played on any mobile devices since it’s published on HTML5.

This game will increase your memory power by remembering the colored boxes. Initially, it will start with two boxes and then it will get harder and harder on every level.

How it works

The game Click is easy to play with. Initially, it will ask you your name then you will start with level one.




The first level is one of the most easiest level where you will find two boxes highlighted with colors. If you find them correctly within the limited time then you will be able to proceed to another level. Please the screenshot given below


You will be given 10 seconds to find out the correct boxes. If you pass 10 seconds then you will see the alert with buzzer (sound). Please see the screenshot below

time up

If you click Try Again button, It will restart the same level again and let say if you clicked on the wrong box then you will get below alert.



If you clicked on the correct box then you will get below alert with sound.


Once you completed all the levels then you shall see the screen with your name and a message that you have completed the Easy mode of Click. Please see the screenshot below.


After completing a course on Gamification, this is the first time I designed a game on Articulate Storyline. I am excited to share this with you all and look forward to your valuable feedbacks. Since this is the first experience that’s why I can’t wait to see your comments on that. 🙂

Click the link below to play.



5 thoughts on “CLICK – A game created in Storyline

  1. I’d love a copy too! If you would be so kind. Great work!
    Could you upload the storyline file to this site or to Google drive or email it?

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