Challenge 86 : Let’s explore Dubai in Storyline


Let's explore dubai

To become a member of Articulate community is fun, every time they come up with something very new and interesting.  Since the word community attached to the name of the company doesn’t mean that it will only give support or share best practices but, they will  also help you to explore e-learning on the other side of the table and tips that can add more creativity into your e-learning courses.

In addition to this, they have started an amazing campaign called E-learning challenges where every week they want us to design something out of the box so, people like you and me (instructional designers and e-learning developers) can learn, design and share our incredible work.

It is an ongoing opportunity to learn, share, and build our e-learning portfolios. We can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime we want.

 Challenge 86 Examples of Interactive Maps in Online Training #86


This week’s challenge is to show where you live by creating an interactive map of your town or city in Storyline 2. We can use any combination of photos, audio, and video to create your interactive map.

I am living in Dubai, would love to highlight some famous places of Dubai. I highlighted few but still working on that and, will add more places in this project.


Here is my submission of E-learning Challenge 86

You can also see the recap of this challenge.

Please have a look and do let me know if you have any question to ask.


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