Warm welcome to Articulate Storyline at HCT

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

It is always good to share what you learn. Yes, I conducted a face-to-face session in our college (Higher Colleges of Technology) at Professional Development (PD) week, which was based on educational technology.



In PD week, teachers of our college were encouraged to attend e-learning workshops that were presented by Edtech co-ordinators. However, as a member of Edtech team, I also participated and conducted a 90 minutes workshop on Articulate Storyline entitled as “Interactive Course By the storyline.”

The session was started with bulleted points to give a brief concept of e-learning I jumped on to the Storyline.

 I followed side by side comparison between PowerPoint and Storyline. I want my participants to know how user-friendly the infrastructure of Storyline is. They both are replica of each other except Storyline have more additional features. Following are the highlighters of 90 minutes workshop.

1)     Samples of my e-learning courses

2)     Story view

3)     Difference between the slides and story view

4)      Timelines

5)      Triggers

6)      Layers

7)      Difference between layers and slides

8)      Characters

Overall, the session went very well. I saw many participants interested and ready to learn technology. Being around as a presenter at the workshop was an inspiration, and it made me realize that I was part of something very special. It was a great achievement for me as I aspired to have my work reflect the fullness of my abilities and who I was as a person.


Feedback collected from the teachers.


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