How Powerpoint Can Change Your World?

It mostly happens when you stop using a software without digging its benefits.
If I say how many of you are working Powerpoint? I don’t think any of us haven’t used PowerPoint.
Last month, I conducted a workshop on How PowerPoint can change your world. The objective of this workshop is to help trainers and instructors by giving them tips and tricks on PowerPoint. However, this workshop gives them an idea that PowerPoint is only a tool to create presentations, but it can also be used to design e-learning courses, videos, simulations, interactive and engaging content development.
It mostly happens when we don’t think out-of-the-box. Tom Kuhlmann from Articulate had given us this opportunity to think like that.
Now saying, this product has limited features is not an acceptable reason. You have to think differently while you are using this software.
I demonstrated some of the examples by using Power point like; Interactive Quizzes, themes pickup, easiest ways to select and copy objects and many more. I have been asked lots of great questions during the workshop by the participants.
I am sharing some of his videos with my presentation. Hope this helps.

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