FAQs in Thrill Style

That’s all what you get when you try to implement new software in a company or college.

This idea is completely based on what we get when we start implementing a new software in the company or institute. After lots of training sessions you shall find some people confused with the features and bit hesitant of using it.

In this training material. After getting their reactions I added this image on the cover and put a name of FAQs.I am trying to help them by giving answers of all the questions they have in their mind about the software. Like this, they will know about the software and how to use it.

In this training material, people hiding in their workstation with slight 3D effect by using Powerpoint Presentation.

Note: If you use Powerpoint often, you may know that Powerpoint doesn’t allow you to use transparency feature on images containing.JPG, PNG or GIF format.

Good News is that you can now use transparency feature with images in 5 simple steps.

1) After opening PowerPoint, click Insert and Shapes and select Rectangular shape.

2) Drag the shape on the slide
3) Right click on the shape and then click Format picture.
4) Under Fill, select on Picture or Texture fill. Click on File button and browse the picture.
5) You can see Transparency option down side of the window.

Once you are done with the transparency, you have to overlay both pictures in a way where you can see Image 1 within Image 2 and enlarge the size of both images, doesn’t matter if they are going out of the slide.

There is a custom type of animations I have added in this slide which are set on two different images coming from two opposite directions within the duration 30 seconds.

After watching the preview, save this file as a video (SWF or WMV) in Powerpoint.

Cambridge Bookshelf FAQ

Click here to see the courseDownload the source

I would like to thank Articulate community for giving me such a great idea.

Hope you like it.


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