Review Of Education 2020 Conference In Abu Dhabi



As it mentioned in the website that teachers, educators, programme managers and curriculum designers from all levels of education can expect to participate in sessions providing opportunities to hear about new ideas and to develop successful teaching practices and uses of technology that they will be able to incorporate into their own teaching context to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Participants will be able to select from a choice of both theoretical and practical conference breakout sessions led by specialists in their fields familiar with the educational context of the Middle East, participate in plenaries delivered by top educational experts and network with like-minded peers.

  • Day 1 – 10am to 4.30pm, January 29th 2014 – Student Success at Tertiary Level
  • Day 2 – 10am to 4.30pm, January 30th 2014 – Technology, Technology, Technology
  • Day 3 – 10am to 4.30pm, January 31st 2014 – School Sector Pedagogy


2nd day of the conference was useful for the teachers especially those who are not aware off with the tools. Good thing about this conference that the presenters are teachers and they are coming up real time scenarios NOT DREAMs. They are demonstrating what they used in their class. This will motivates other teachers to use technology in the class.

Some ideas like;

  • Using of Google Drive to collaborate in your class and using of Monkey survey to get student’s feedback was discussed in the presentation of Technology: Integrating 21st century skills into the classroom 
  • Along with 10 easy tips for designing content It also come across that how easy is to create interactive content in few minutes by using ThingLink which helps to create and discover rich images, was discussed in the presentation of 10 Easy Tips for Designing Effective Activities with Technology

No such crowd has been seen in the conference  plus, unavailability of Wifi has given less comfort to the audience. It’s seems that some presenters requested for the internet given to audience so, they can use real time scenarios in their sessions but unfortunately, they couldn’t get it.


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